Juicebox HTML5 Responsive Image Galleries

Drupal Versions
For Installation

Provide a Juicebox effect on images in HTML5 responsive gallery library.  It can be applied to content type display, or in views.  This is provided by juicebox.net and free tier availabcontle for use.


  1. Install the Juicebox module
  2. Install the required modules:
  3. Install the juicebox javascript library.  The Juicebox Lite version is free.  Other chargeable Pro versions available.
    • Retrieve only the folder jbcore under web folder and place under /libraries
  4. Enable the Juicebox module
  5. Check system status @ /admin/reports/status to make sure the modules and libraries are installed correctly without errors

Configuration is available @ /admin/config/media/juicebox

  • Default setting is fine: Option 'Filter all title ...' is enabled


For Content Type Display

  1. In the Manage Display tab of each content type, image fields formats can be configured as Juicebox Gallery
    • More settings available.

For Views

  1. After installation, a Juicebox Gallery format is available in Views.  Follow the screen and make appropriate settings accordingly.

Installation of the juicebox javascript library is a bit tricky.  Refer to the Installation section for details.

Juicebox gallery display of images

Juicebox gallery display of images

Configure content types
Choose Juicebox Gallery as the image field format
More detailed settings for each Juicebox Gallery
Configuration of Juicebox Gallery @ administration > configuration > media
Configuration of Juicebox Gallery in Views as display format settings
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